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Moss Walls in Interiors

Moss walls are an attractive and comparatively low-maintenance means to bring some gorgeous nature inside your home. However, walls such as these can be costly to fit; they are simple to maintain – mainly if they employ lichen in place of moss. On the condition that you preserve the apt indoor moisture and keep them off the sun, you will not require watering them.

Bathroom moss wall

Incorporating a moss wall inside the restroom can alter the ambience for the better. It is only endorsed if you have the available space. Another benefit is that moss walls function aptly in the bathroom since they absorb the water from vapour. You can go via your day-to-day schedule whereas enjoying the stylish parade of the greenery.

Huge moss walls

If you wish to make a statement plus have adequate room, going for a predominantly large moss wall is hugely commended. You can become more creative whenever it comes to more significant pieces, and the culmination will undoubtedly be noticeable.

Combination of moss panels with black fittings

If you generate a dominant contrast, you can attain a more imposing appearance inside the living room. A thought-provoking inkling is to mix a lively moss wall with sophisticated black furniture. Panels constructed from preserved lichen are eco-friendly and shall be sure to excite your visitors.

Moss room divider

For persons who contemplate modest room dividers as too mind-numbing, you can try one that has been adorned with a modish moss pattern. That is an excellent solution if you wish to incorporate a splash of natural prettiness when dividing a massive space.

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