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Scandi Living! A Guide to Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian interior design is the art of interior designing a given space to create an appealing look using little or minimum décor. It aimed at making a room attractive, simple and yet comfortable. Scandinavian interior design aims to make the room more spacious while maintaining attractiveness at the highest standards available. Everything in the house is used as décor while serving its purpose, for instance, the furniture, the floor tiles, and wall paintings among others. There are various features that are associated with this epic type of interior design and are explained below.


The first step is to remove unnecessary items, which make the room look overcrowded and stuffy. This makes the room look spacious. Maintain what’s needed in the house. It also helps light reach all corners and free circulation of air in the room. When the room is spacious, it makes the movement of people easy. Scandinavian interior design aims to use the only most important item in the room to create more space.

The shades of nature

Due to the long dark days of winter, Scandinavian interior design is intended to make the room look brighter. This can be achieved by using brighter-looking colors and bright-colored artifacts, as well as furniture. Ensure the interior collection makes the room naturally bright.

Play with contrast.

To ensure a more inviting room, the furniture should be arranged well with matching artifacts and blend with the wall. The curtains used, and the floor should blend well with the wall panels. The colour selection should match well in the room to avoid mixed colors that do not blend.

Let there be light

Remove anything that may hinder natural light from reaching all corners of the house. Windows should allow maximum light to reach inside the house. Translucent bright fabrics should be used as window coverings. A neutral color will make the room look brighter .bright walls, and ceilings reflect the light in the room ensuring that there is enough light in the room.

Celebrate quality and sustainability

Scandinavian interior design is best known for its perfect match and quality of artistry. Highly skilled craftsmanship is also essential for the work to be outstanding. The materials used should be of high quality. High quality materials naturally makes the interior space attractive even without much strain .when the right quality is used, everything fits appropriately into its space, making the room more organized and welcoming. High quality finishes tend to give a more extended service making them the best for any décor in the Scandinavian designing.

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